Weekly top iPhone apps: password database managers

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Five applications that will help you remember, organize and keep all your passwords safe on your iPhone.

1Password keeps your important passwords, login and sensitive information safe. You can use it to automatically log onto websites without having to type in usernames and passwords or to store sensitive notes, credit card information and membership numbers. The app is protected by a double password system and hardware-accelerated AES encryption. Users can backup, restore or sync their passwords with a desktop computer but will have to purchase a desktop program to do so.
Price: $4.99

mSecure - Password Manager
mSecure is one of the cheaper options for keeping all your sensitive information organized and safe. It uses 256bit Blowfish encryption and will automatically delete the information if someone steals your phone and tries to crack the password. Consumers can use one of the 17 pre-defined password category entries such as website logins, Credit Card numbers, Email Accounts or Frequent Flyer numbers or create their own customized entry types with unlimited fields. The app also enables you to sync your information over the air (but users have to buy the compatible desktop application)
Price: $2.99

SplashID - Password Manager
The SplashID is a mobile version of the popular SplashID password manager desktop app. SplashID comes with 256bit Blowfish encryption and if you can't think of a powerful password when you next sign up for a service, the application will automatically generate a "hacker-proof" password for you. Users can customize their password entries with their own photos, attachments or icons as well as being able to create their own customized record entry fields. iPhone-to-desktop wireless syncing is possible but requires you to purchase the SplashID desktop app.
Price: $9.99

eWallet - Secure Password Manager
eWallet is a password manager for people who like their web addresses, bank accounts financial info, health info, credit cards, and insurance information to be well organized and categorized. eWallet is backed by 256bit AES encryption and has time-out locks to protect unauthorized access to the app. It features live URLs that protect you from phishing and in-house telephone support when you need help. The app can automatically generate safe passwords for you, has thematic icons to help customize your entries, and lets you organize your data into many different "Wallets." To sync the application data with a Windows PC users have to purchase the desktop app.
Price: $9.99

LockBox is a basic, but free password manager. While it doesn't offer as many features as some of the other password applications, it is a great alternative for those who don't want to spend any money. The app can be used to store all your sensitive info from credit card numbers to login passwords and private notes. Data can be exported or backed up on your computer and is encrypted and protected by your password.
Price: Free