Five applications that will help kindle your love this Valentine's Day.

StickerJam Hearts - Free
This cutesy application takes inspiration from the Japanese tradition of Purikura (where photos are decorated with cute characters, backgrounds and cut-out shapes). People take a picture or add an image from their library and open it in the app. The photo is then customized with Valentine-themed decorations, stickers and backgrounds before being sent as an email, MMS, uploaded to social networking sites or saved to your library.
Price: Free

Cookie Doodle
Want to make your Valentine a special heart-shaped cookie but don't want to leave them a big mess in the kitchen to clean up? Cookie Doodle lets you create your very own customized cookies that look good enough to eat. Roll out the dough, use a cookie cutter to create your base shape and decorate it with yummy toppings until your heart is content.
Price: $0.99

Kiss Her (with Twitter & Facebook integration)
Plan a very special romantic evening with your partner this Valentine's Day with tips and advice from the Kiss Her application. Explore new kissing "hot spots" and fun bedroom kissing games that will excite your partner.
Price: $1.99 (a free Kiss Her lite app also exists)

Valentine RADIO
Valentine RADIO has compiled a playlist of radio stations that play romantic songs - perfect for creating the right mood during your Valentine's date. Select from a long list of Valentine-themed radio stations from across the world including Sky Radio Love Songs, RomanticFM, Candlelight Radio and Amor FM.
Price: Free

LoveJive is a Valentine-themed version of the popular game Bejeweled. Players must swap chocolate-covered strawberries, pink presents, hearts, teddy bears and roses to create vertical or horizontal rows of three or more matching items.
Price: Free