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Forget me not: Keep up to date with a compact computer
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Would it surprise you to know that over a lifetime, our busy brains will be jam-packed with an average 2,432 passwords, PINS, usernames, account numbers and codes - it’s not surprising that just occasionally, we forget a few things.

New research by has uncovered those everyday examples of our mental mishaps. It seems important names and dates are often the first victims of our memory failure, as is forgetting what we went to the shop for and where we left the keys – which may not be so much of a problem if we’ve also forgotten where we parked the car!

Thankfully by buying our lottery tickets online we need never worry about missing a draw or misplacing our ticket ever again. And to make sure you can get on the internet wherever you are, we’re giving one lucky winner the chance to win a top of the range Samsung NC10. This Netbook - with no operator contract - is the latest and most user-friendly way to get online, and for the ladies, it’s small and compact enough to fit straight in to your handbag.

To get your hands on this top gadget, just answer this question:

Which fish is said to be forgetful?

A) Trout

B) Goldfish

C) Carpe

Click here to email your answer - please include your phone number and home address in your entry.

Competition closes 10 August 2009.

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