People couldn't wait to discover their new enemies

The passive aggressive war of friending, muting and unfriending got new weapons this week, with the arrival and media dissemination of Who Deleted Me, an app for iOS and Android and browser extension for Google Chrome.

Though it can't do anything about retrospective unfollows, once installed the app shows you when you have lost Facebook friends, categorising them into those who have deactivated their accounts and those who have just decided to cut you off.

People were so excited to learn of their enemies that the app promptly crashed, and those who installed it weren't happy:

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

Who Deleted Me consequently now has just a one-star rating in the App Store, though a spokesperson for developers The Media Dudes told BuzzFeed they were looking into the outage.

Earlier this week, a study revealed that young people have a greater number of friends than their parents' generation, due in no small part to Facebook, though interestingly less lifelong friends, saying something about our increasingly shallow approach to 'friendship' online.