New console commemorates 10 years since the first Forza game was released

A new Xbox One is being release for Forza 6 — and it will make car noises.

When the console is turned on, it will make the noise of a car starting up. When a disc is ejected, the sound of a wheel being screwed plays. And when the console is switched off, squealing brakes are heard.

The button used to turn the console on and off  looks like a car’s start and stop button.

The console also features a deep blue colouring and go-faster stripes that the makers say are inspired by the cover car on Forza 6, the new Ford GT. The finish is a combination of gloss and matte, and the box also features the Forza Motorsport logo.

The company will also release a controller that will feature the same design, including the colour, go-faster stripe and Forza logo. It also has the “gnarled” feel of a racing steering wheel and titanium trigger buttons, like the headlights of a Ford GT.

The console is out on September 15 and can be pre-ordered now. It will come bundled with Forza 6 and a special car pack within the game.