Nintendo 3DS expected to sell 200,000 units in three days

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Nintendo UK's Marketing Manager is bullish on his company's new handheld ahead of the European launch on March 25 and dismisses Sony's attempt to make 3D TV a mainstream phenomenon.

"In one weekend we'll sell more 3DS units than all the 3D TVs sold in the entire past year - so we really are bringing 3D to the masses," James Honeywell told games business site MCV.

The manufacturer has logged 140,000 pre-orders, with online distributor Amazon and nationwide supermarket Tesco daring to offer the glasses-free 3D handheld for under £180 (€205) - considerably less than the initial £219 (€250) guide price.

Sales tracker Media Create registered 375,000 sales during the 3DS's opening weekend in Japan. It goes on sale in North America on March 27.

A strong opening is vital as the iPad 2 comes out in Europe on the very same day.

Apple's upgraded tablet is thought to have sold nearly one million units during its debut weekend in North America.