A look at some of the discounts available to computer users.

The Steam Network is rolling out a ton of Holiday Sale goodies for PC and Mac until January 2, with over 1,000 titles reduced including bundles packs and daily deals. Be aware that some may be reduced further still as the sale progresses.
Site: store.steamnetwork.com

Good Old Games' 290-strong promo line-up runs until January 3, including essential classics such as the Baldur's Gate series (see also Planescape: Torment and the Icewind Dale games), Psychonauts, Beyond Good & Evil, Cannon Fodder, and the Tex Murphy and Gabriel Knight adventures, all optimized to run on modern computers.
Site: gog.com

GamersGate have responded to the gargantuan Steam sale by plucking over 500 games from their own catalogue and presenting them at up to 80% off. There's also a 4-for-3 deal running alongside that as well. Cross-check prices against Steam, especially for games published by Paradox Interactive (GamersGate owners).
Site: gamersgate.com

Impulse's advent-themed campaign, The 25 Days of Christmas sale, runs up to Christmas Eve, picking one game per day to offer at reduced cost, and most at less than $5/€5. Check back after Christmas to see what they can rustle up in time for the New Year.
Site: impulsedriven.com

Direct2Drive, in keeping with its status as a sister site to news and reviews portal IGN, focuses on IGN's 2010 Game of the Year nominees. There are also discount codes for spends that surpass £20, £30, or £40 on the UK site and $20, $30, and $50 on the US site.
Site: direct2drive.com / direct2drive.eu / direct2drive.co.uk

Get Games have bundles for Tomb Raider and Hitman titles, with Far Cry 1 & 2 and Settlers 5 & 6 also available to European shoppers.
Site: getgamesgo.com

Desura is worth keeping tabs on - it's a new online store from the folks behind ModDB, a huge database of free mods, skins and expansions for PC games such as Half-Life 2, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament 3, Stalker and more. It's only just launched so look out for any attention-grabbing promos.
Site: desura.com

Games for Windows are going with a horror theme, offering six games including Stalker, Dead Rising 2, and the utterly non-frightening Plants vs Zombies until December 27.
Site: gamesforwindows.com