Online pass cancelled for 'Driver: San Francisco'

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Driver: San Francisco's Uplay Passport system has fallen flat due to a bunch of mangled codes, leading publisher Ubisoft to allow full and free online access to first- and second-hand buyers alike.

The UPlay Passport, in common with similar schemes implemented by Electronic Arts, THQ, Disney, Warner Bros and Sony, encourages first-hand sales by means of a one-time code that unlocks online play.

Ordinarily, those with a second-hand copy would have had to purchase the Passport at extra cost.

Instead, owners of Driver: San Francisco can get online either by choosing the 2-Day Free Trial or Purchase options from the game's Uplay Passport menu. Either selection should result in unlimited access at no charge.

The bungle means that Ubisoft will be waiting for another opportunity to roll out the program, and with Assassin's Creed: Revelations around the corner, that may not be long at all.