Online TV watching on the rise but still no substitute for regular TV

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Around 40 percent of all connected US households regularly turn on their computers and tune into the web to watch long-form videos, but that doesn't mean they are also switching off their TVs.

An August 17 study by market researcher Parks Associates shows that increased video viewing on PCs has had little effect on offline TV-watching habits.

"People are using online video to fill in the gaps," said Kurt Scherf, VP, principal analyst, Parks Associates. "When it comes to watching TV shows and movies, nobody's first choice is the computer. People will watch this content on a computer when it is not convenient or feasible to watch on a TV."

ComScore's August 16 Online Video Rankings reiterate the phenomenon and suggest that the majority of consumers in the US are turning to the web to get a quick video fix, whilst keeping their TVs on to watch TV series and movies.

While 84.9 percent of the total US internet audience watched web-based videos in July, the average online content video was only 4.8 minutes said ComScore.

The most watched video sites for the month included Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and Microsoft sites.

ComScore's top ten online properties by video content views:

1. Google Sites
2. Yahoo! Sites
4. Microsoft Sites
6. Fox Interactive Media
7. Turner Network
8. Viacom Digital
9. Disney Online
10. Hulu