Organizations tap out a new safety message during National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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"Stop. Think. Connect." is the message being promoted by government, industry and non-profit organizations during National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October.

"The goal is to help all digital citizens employ universal behaviors to protect themselves, no matter what they are doing online or how they are connecting to the Internet. Hopefully this will lead to a culture of cyber awareness in which online safety steps become second nature in our daily lives," said the US National Cyber Security Alliance in an October 4 press release.

The unified message is being spread by organizations such as the Online Consumer Security and Safety Messaging Convention, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), and key industry leaders, government agencies, and non-profits.

Visa Inc., Verizon, Microsoft and AT&T are also helping to spread the message with numerous cybersecurity initiatives planned for the month of October.

Facebook is promoting the message with a security quiz on its Facebook Security Page, testing social networkers' online safety knowledge and encouraging users to share security tips with their friends.  

Securing Our eCity (SOeC), a partnership between local businesses, government and law enforcement in the US, will further the "Stop. Think. Connect." awareness campaign online and during its Cybersecurity Symposium II and First Annual Cybersecurity Awards.

Web security has become a high priority for both web-based businesses and individuals perusing the internet as cyber criminals up their efforts to lure unsuspecting users into their online scams.

A study conducted by Heart + Mind Strategies showed that 96 percent of Americans feel it is their own responsibility to be safer and more secure online.

Ninety-three percent of study respondents admitted to feeling like their "online actions can protect not only friends and family, but also help to make the Web safer for everyone around the world."

A large majority of Americans (90 percent) said they would like to learn more about staying safe on the internet.

The study found the key to promoting online security was easy-to-understand resources and tips that would help users to make more informed decisions - a goal promoters of the "Stop. Think. Connect." slogan hope to achieve.

Securing Our eCity (SOeC) will hold the "Cybersecurity Symposium II and First Annual Cybersecurity Awards" on October 7.

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