Duke Nukem Forever tops the Steam chart for the second week running, with The Witcher 2 again crowning Direct2Drive's equivalent.

In Duke's case, that's in defiance of most review scores and, with regards to The Witcher 2, in support of them.

The latest Magic: The Gathering card game, Duels of the PlanesWalkers, is in at third on Steam.

Direct2Drive's highest new entry is the ambitious online roleplay game Gods & Heroes. Like Duke Nukem Forever, it was rescued from development limbo by its current studio.

Space exploration game Sword of the Stars proves popular on both GamersGate and Impulse, as a discount price bundle hits the charts prior to the release of Sword of the Stars II.

Steam* ( steampowered.com)
1) Duke Nukem Forever
2) Left 4 Dead 2
3) Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
4) Terraria
5) FEAR Collection
*Based on revenue, not units sold

Direct2Drive ( direct2drive.com)
1) The Witcher 2
2) Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising
3) Duke Nukem Forever
4) Sid Meier's Civilization V
5) The Sims 3 (Mac)

GamersGate ( gamersgate.com)
1) Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland
2) Europa Universalis III: Chronicles
3) Pride of Nations
4) Sword of the Stars - Complete Collection
5) Dungeon Siege III

Impulse ( impulsedriven.com)
1) Sins of a Solar Empire
2) Galactic Civilizations II - Ultimate Edition
3) Evochron Mercenary
4) Sword of the Stars - Complete Collection
5) Demigod

Good Old Games ( gog.com)
1) The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
2) The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
3) Dungeon Keeper
4) Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
5) Wing Commander: Privateer