PC download charts: 'Magicka,' 'Dead Space 2'

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Put on your robe and wizard hat for Magicka, which has been spellbinding PC games download charts with its multiplayer hocus pocus. Released January 25, by January 31 it had become the week's best-selling title on Steam and GamersGate, placing second on Direct2Drive.

Despite Magicka's satirical tone, comparisons with action-adventure classic Diablo are easy to make - just as was the case with 2009's single-player hit Torchlight, which gets its own multiplayer sequel mid-2011.

Dead Space 2 was the week's other big release, charting on Steam, Direct2Drive and Impulse.

The gory shooter also includes a multiplayer mode but it's the horrors of single-player survival that are generating a buzz as impressive presentation, cinematic sound, and tight pacing combine to generate moments of true terror.

RIFT's pre-order momentum is accompanied by advance payments for Total War: Shogun 2, both due out in March, while customers at Good Old Games take advantage of an offer on the Myst series.

Steam* ( steampowered.com - general gaming and own label)
1) Magicka
2) Dead Space 2
3) Monday Night Combat
4) DC Universe Online
5) The Sims 3: Ultimate Bundle
*Based on revenue, not units sold

Direct2Drive ( direct2drive.com - general gaming)
1) RIFT Digital Collector's Edition
2) Magicka
3) DC Universe Online
4) RIFT Standard Edition
5) Dead Space 2

GamersGate ( gamersgate.com - general gaming and own label)
1) Magicka
2) Hard to be a God
3) Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind expansion
4) Napoleon: Total War - Imperial Edition
5) Total War Shogun 2

Impulse ( impulsedriven.com - strategy specialists)
1) Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity
2) Elemental: War of Magic
3) Dead Space 2
4) Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition
5) The Guild 2

Good Old Games ( gog.com - classics)
1) Baldur's Gate 2 Complete
2) Riven: The Sequel to Myst
3) Real Myst
4) Myst: Masterpiece Edition
5) The Zork Anthology