The third in a trio of iconic Japanese remakes is bound for European shores, as UK company Ghostlight confirms that it will bring the PSP's Persona 2: Innocent Sin to European shores.

The Persona series sees high school students entering a parallel reality, one in which their various personas are called upon in a battle against spirit beings.

So, think Japanese Harry Potter with a jalapeno streak of Carl Jung's archetypal psychoanalysis.

The PSP's portable updates to Persona (PS1) and Persona 3 (PS2) are already available either on disc or via the PSP's online Network Store.

Innocent Sin was out in Japan last year, while the North American version has something Europeans lack - a firm release date, September 20 - though Ghostlight is promising a rather special Collector's Edition.

It's a blessing for PSP fans, especially those who bought their handheld consoles based on the PlayStation 2's catalogue of Japanese Role-Playing Games.