PlayStation 3 hackers top YouTube gaming charts

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A small portable USB device that plugs into PlayStation 3 consoles is said to allow PS3 owners access to powers previously granted to licensed game developers only, allowing full games to be copied directly to and played from the PS3 hard drive; a video promoting the gizmo has become the most popular YouTube gaming video for the week ending August 25.

Sony is expected to counter the threat of straightforward game piracy by issuing a mandatory software update via new games and online connections. The company is also expected to ban PS Jailbreak users and their consoles from the PlayStation Network's online.

That's not preventing the modchip dongle from being sold at a premium, reflecting the rare opportunity to breach PS3 security - $120 / €120 is the current going rate.

The PS Jailbreak manufacturers are urging customers to "beware of imitators and Chinese knockoffs" and buy from authorized dealers, just like games developers are seeking to persuade console owners to support them by purchasing games instead of pirating them.

Other popular YouTube gaming videos include a new trailer for Halo Reach, due out on Xbox 360 this September 14, and the Gamescom teaser for Resistance 3, due out on PS3 in 2011. A slew of StarCraft II gameplay videos populated the top ten, with room for a tutorial covering the Demolition map of Modern Warfare 2.

1) tests world's first Ps3 modchip (PS Jailbreak) - 1,058,442 total views
2) Halo: Reach - A Spartan Will Rise - 709,595 total views
3) World's second test of ps3 modchip, for all the YouTube plebs - 659,819 total views
4) WhiteRa vs BratOK - TvP - Part 1 of 3 - StarCraft 2 - 456,783 total views
5) Official Resistance 3 Teaser - 428,619 total views
6) Website LAUNCH DETECTED!! - 594,426 total views
7) TheLittleOne vs BratOK - TvT - Part 1 of 3 - Steppes of War - 369,845 total views
8) HD Starcraft 2 TT1 v MasterAsia p1/4 - 371,900 total views
9) oGsTheSTC vs RedZerg - TvZ - Blistering Sands - StarCraft 2 - 337,608 total views
10) Engineering Win w/ Hutch: Call of Duty: Episode 1 - 279,786 total views