PS4 UK launch: fans queueing for the last chance to buy Sony console before Christmas

The PS4 launches tonight for £349 - can it match its US sales records?

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 launches tonight across Europe and fans have been queuing up in London for days already to be the first to get their hands on the new console.

Although Sony has previously said that launch-day pre-orders have been sold out since August, they recently announced that gamers would be able to purchase a limited supply of the console from the ‘PS4 Lounge’ in London’s Convent Garden.

The consoles are thought to be the last available in the UK before Christmas and will be sold on a first come first served basis to customers.

"We really wanted to offer some way for people to buy on launch day, and this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone that hasn't already pre-ordered to get their hands on a PS4 on day one," said Fergal Gara, a marketing executive from Sony Computer Entertainment.


"The excitement in the run up to our UK launch has been phenomenal, and we want to thank gamers for their support by giving them the chance to take a PS4 home at the earliest opportunity."

Sony has also confirmed the full list of launch titles as well as their prices. All the expected cross-platform titles are there, as well as Sony exclusives like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Contrast and Resogun.

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Sony will be looking to replicate both the success of their North American launch (during which the console more than one million units in 24 hours) and Microsoft’s global launch for the Xbox One last week.

Following their launch Microsoft also reported that they had sold more than one million consoles in 24 hours and Sony will be hoping to beat this with their second launch. Analysts are currently predicting that the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One in the long run, shifting 49 million consoles to Microsoft’s 38m over the next five years.

Commenting on Sony’s launch Martyn Gibbs, the CEO of the retailer Game, noted that pre-orders for the PS4 were four times higher than they were for the PS3, adding that “the PS4 launch is going to surpass anything PlayStation has done before.”

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