Joey Chiu, 24-year-old from Brooklyn, New York is first on line to receive the new Sony PlayStation FOUR at the Standard High Line in New York / AFP

A slim launch library has left the PS4 feeling underpowered where it matters most, but Sony made moves to mollify gamers during the console's US launch

The PS4 has now launched in the US (it’s coming to the UK on the 29th, a week after the Xbox One) and although reactions to the new console have been mostly positive, Sony have come under fire for offering a less than impressive roster of launch titles.

Although there have been positive reactions to Sony’s stalwart Killzone: Shadow Fall and bullet-hell style shooter Resogun has emerged as a resounding critical success, the family friendly platformer Knack has fallen flat, with reviewers hung up on less than stellar graphics and an overly simplistic combat system.

Meanwhile, well-received titles such as Fifa 14, Asssassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Battlefield 4 have already been launched for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and will also be available for Microsoft’s rival Xbox One after the console’s launch on 22 November.

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Sony seem to be aware of this relative paucity and at the launch event in NYC the unspoken message for gamers was ‘be patient’. As well as announcing some exclusive content for the upcoming Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes they also showed a teaser trailer for a new Uncharted title.

This franchise from developer Naughty Dog have always been a big draw for Sony’s consoles, with the second title in the series, Drake’s Deception, coming in as the third most well reviewed game for the PS3 on Metacritic, only lagging behind GTA IV and GTA V. With the loss of Metal Gear Solid V as a PlayStation exclusive, Uncharted might help sway gamers who have yet to decide on a new console.

Sony also announced also announced that PlayStation owners would be the first to get their hands on Halo-makers Bungie’s latest project, a sci-fi title that will blend MMO elements with traditional shooter gameplay known as Destiny.

Gamers who pre-order Destiny will get first access to the game’s beta on PS3 and PS4, with the full title launching for these consoles (as well as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One) in spring 2014.

And to further consolidate their indie credentials, Sony can also add the critical smash hit TowerFall (see below) to the PS4’s line up. The game had a six-month exclusivity deal with the Android-based Ouya console, but failed to attract gamers in large numbers on that platform.

The 8-bit archery-based arena fighter has received glowing comparisons to the likes of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and will be launching to Steam’s 65 million customers as well as the PS4, with the console release receiving 50 new multiplayer maps and a new 12-player single player campaign.

The PS4 may have launched with a fairly slim games library but you can certainly expect this to grow significantly in the first half of 2014.