PlayStation Japan has announced a new line of games for the PlayStation 3, the PSP Remaster series, with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD confirmed for Summer 2011 (June - August).

Selected PSP titles will be spruced up and given improved visuals, as with previous PlayStation 2 remasters God of War Collection and Prince of Persia Trilogy, and there's mention made of additional PS3 content as well as 3DTV support.

Game saves will be transferrable between PSP and PS3 systems, while the PS3 versions will make use of the AdhocParty app, pointing towards multiplayer sessions that include both PSP and PS3 users.

The PSP Slim, introduced in 2007, is already capable of outputting to TV screens via component cable.

Meanwhile, Nintendo's successor to the Wii, due to be revealed on June 7, is expected to do away with the requirement for a TV screen by allowing users to play via screens embedded into each controller.