The annual QuakeCon fanfest saw the release of a new trailer for gory shooter Rage alongside a time-limited $69 (€69 / £49) PC download comprising 22 games and their expansions.

Those games include some of Rage's earliest ancestors from the Id studio - Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom - up to the present day with Fallout: New Vegas and its three expansions plus Skyrim forerunner Oblivion.

There are further discounts for those that pre-order Rage or November's role-playing adventure Skyrim before the deal expires on August 8.

Rage's October 4 launch date puts a bit of distance between it and Batman: Arkham City (October 18), Battlefield 3 (October 25), and Modern Warfare 3 (November 8).

Rage trailer 'Uprising':
QuakeCon bundle on the Steam Network: