A Resident Evil game with team-based online multiplayer, a three game bundle pack for 360 and a 3DS version one of the Nintendo's best-kept secrets were all announced during the week of March 26 - April 1.

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 is going to be a squad-based shooter along the lines of the SOCOM: Navy Seals and Left 4 Dead series.

Three factions are present: Umbrella Security Services, US Special Forces, and Bio-Organic Weapons (ie. zombies). It's due Winter 2011.

The Xbox 360's XBLA Triple Pack consists of three popular games pressed onto one disc.

The atmospheric Limbo, action-infused ' Splosion Man and utterly compulsive motorcross title Trials HD will be available from retail stores, making it easier to buy the games together either as a gift or for those that don't have access to Xbox Live's online marketplace.

That's now due in European regions on May 13, following the North American April 19 release.

Finally, Cave Story 3D for the 3Ds takes the endearing platformer from Wii and DS, reworking it for the small screen, a 2D scrolling action game in full 3D.

That will be arriving June 28 in North America, and "this summer" in Europe - certainly before the end of August, then.

The original came out for PC in 2004 and can be downloaded for free, along with various translations and ports (including Mac, Linux, and even Texas Instrument calculators), at the cavestory.org tribute site.