'Resistance' franchise turns to strategy genre

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The PlayStation shooter series Resistance has released a free web game called Global Resistance.

Instead of a first person shooter, like the PS3 games, or third-person as with the PSP's Resistance: Retribution, at first glance it's got more in common with Risk or the base-building of Command & Conquer.

Players can choose between backing the aliens' invading Chimeran forces or supporting the human resistance.

To do so, they must first log in using their credentials from either Facebook or the PlayStation Network.

Participation unlocks extra characters and other bonuses for the multiplayer mode of the PS3's Resistance 3, which is due out the week of September 6.

One of the Xbox 360's own blockbuster sci-fi shooters, Gears of War 3, is to be released two weeks later on September 20.