Review round-up: 'Joe Danger' (PlayStation 3)

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A simple left-to-right motorcycle stunt racer made by a four-man team, Joe Danger was built on PC but makes its debut on the PlayStation Network Store. The titular stuntman is on a comeback tour, pulling off daredevil tricks and collecting coins across 50 levels full of joyful characterization and smiling scenery. The game also has local multiplayer and a course creator mode.

Joe Danger
Platform: PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Network download)
Release: North America, June 8. Europe, June 9.
Age rating: Everybody / 3+

AllAboutTheGames: 5/5 "A superb launch title"
IGN: 9.5/10 "Great, great fun"
AV Club: A- "Bursting at the seams"
Destructoid: 9/10 "I can't hear you over all the fun I'm having"
Game Informer: 9/10 "Accessible to all players"
Kombo: 9/10 "So easy to pick up and play"
The Escapist: 4/5 "A real treat to play"
Eurogamer: 8/10 "It's easy to have fun within seconds"
GameReactor DK: 8/10 "Insanely good value entertainment"
GameStyle: 8/10 "Vivid, frantic and addictive"

Price: $14.99 / €12.99 / £9.99