Review round-up: 'NBA Live 10'

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NBA Live 10 - previously destined to grace bargain buckets, now saved from ignominy by the cancellation of its successor, NBA Elite 11. Suddenly it's relevant again, as Electronic Arts has promised free team and player updates until the end of the current season. Worth the money?

It's the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions that are of interest here - Elite 11 was never scheduled for PSP and so its Live 10 equivalent isn't due an update - and it didn't fare too badly, despite some control issues.

Beware, though, as Live 10 did implement a primitive version of Electronic Arts's now widespread Online Pass, designed to encourage new game sales and dampen demand for second-hand games.

One of Live 10's best features is "Dynamic DNA" that makes players more closely emulate their real-world counterparts. An activation code is included in first-hand copies, but costs around $15 sold separately.

Average review scores on Metacritic and Gamerankings indicate that NBA 2K11 is the better game - but on the other hand, NBA Live 10 is half the price.

NBA Live 10 (360, PS3)
Also available on PSP
Release: October 2009
Age rating: Everyone / 3+
Price: Around $30 / €30 new.

Gaming Age - A-
"The game just sweats authenticity from the improved pick and roll controls, to the fluid player movement, smarter A.I. that will box out, call screens, double team, rotate, and more."

ZT Game Domain - 8.4/10
"Some absolutely incredible authenticity in the gameplay department." "If EA continues this trend they could finally take the top-spot in the NBA arena."

Armchair Empire - 8/10
"Dynamic DNA gives NBA Live 10 a so-real-its-scary authenticity." "FIBA World Championship mode once more offers a completely different basketball mode that's almost an entire game to itself." "Online play is a strong component."

Strategy Informer - 7.5/10
"Playing against the computer has never felt this good on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3." "Control issues plague the rest of the game as alternating between a dunk and a lay-up becomes awkward."

Worth Playing - 7.5/10
"The loading screen allows you to instantly jump in and control a few guys on the training ground while waiting for your selected mode to boot up." "There are still some issues with the AI, particularly on defense, and the commentator needs some serious improvement."