Rioting man topples trash bin: viral video spotlight

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Though some may consider it too soon to joke about, at least one YouTube user is able to see the funny side of the recent riots that gripped the UK - posting a video of rather tame civil disobedience in Manchester.

The humorous video titled Manchester Riots 2011: scenes from Whalley Range shows what looks like CCTV footage of a young man standing sheepishly outside a house, glancing around for several seconds, then pushing over a garbage bin - a rather tame act of defiance compared to the recent scenes in many of England's cities.

YouTube users obviously appreciate the video's dry humor because in the two days after it was uploaded on August 10 the video has been viewed nearly two million times and received over 24,000 ‘likes' and on August 12 it topped YouTube's "most watched today" charts.

The full video is available to watch at: