Robots sharpen their weapons in preparation for ComBots Cup

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Robot makers are putting the final touches on their 'lethal' robotic creations in the lead-up to the fifth annual ComBots Cup, a robot heavyweight world championship for fighting robots.

Participants are getting ready to watch sparks fly, flames burn, blades spin, metal warp and robots get tossed through the air as the defeated robot comes to a painful death.

"We have a great roster of robots coming from all over the US and as far away as Brazil. We're anticipating a record audience turnout as well. Combat robots as a sport is growing so dramatically - for the kids it's a great way to learn science and engineering, and for the adults it's a lot of fun to watch and participate," said Simone Davalos, president of ComBots and co-founder of the International RoboGames.

People who can't get enough robot-smashing action at ComBot will also want to put the next RoboGames event into their calendar. The RoboGames are the annual "Olympic games" for the robot world and the largest open robotics competition in the world.

The eighth annual RoboGames will take place April 15-17, 2011.

The fifth annual ComBots Cup will be held on October 23 and 24 at the San Mateo Expo Center in San Mateo, California, USA.