Following the death on June 20 of Ryan Dunn, star of the Jackass TV and movie franchise, fans have flocked to social networking sites to express their sentiments. 

Ryan Dunn was a member of the Jackass crew, carrying out increasingly extreme and dangerous stunts with his fellow cast members. He died at age 34 after a car crash in Pennsylvania. 

On micro-blogging site Twitter, the phrase "Ryan Dunn" was a worldwide trending topic on June 21, and data from social networking analysts shows that the Jackass Twitter account gained an enormous 27,000 new fans from June 20-21.

The Jackass Facebook page gained 29,000 new fans over the same period and a post announcing a Ryan Dunn memorial episode had, as of June 21, attracted more than 25,000 "likes" and over 5,000 comments.

YouTube users are also paying tribute to the Jackass star: a search of the video-sharing site using the key term "Ryan Dunn," filtered for videos uploaded over the past 24 hours, returns more than 400 videos; the majority of these are either montages in tribute to the star or individual users expressing their condolences. 

The original Jackass TV series ran from 2000-2002 and in October 2010 the film Jackass 3D made $50 million during its opening weekend.