Around the globe, 15 Samsung Smart TVs are being sold every minute - that’s around 25,000 units in every day.

The Korean electronics company celebrated its two millionth Smart TV sale on June 15, just three months after releasing its brand of internet-connected, app-centric, media-streaming TV technology on a global scale.

“Geographically, 730,000 units have been sold only in North America, the largest TV market in the world, followed by 710,000 units in Europe including advanced markets like the UK, Germany, France. Even in the regions like Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia where Samsung Smart TV was introduced a bit late, 170,000 units have been sold so far, and it seems sure that the number doesn’t want to stop there,” said Samsung proudly.

According to recent figures from The NPD Group, Samsung is the top-selling TV brand in the US with a 24.9 percent market share in the total flat-panel TV market.

Sharp is hoping to put a dent in Samsung’s Smart TV market lead with the release of its new Aquos L Series internet-ready TVs.

Sharp’s Aquos range connects with a smartphone or tablet to offer voice controlled TV features and voice recognition. Compatible smartphones and tablets can also be used as a remote for the TV.

The built-in Sharp Familink feature lets Aquos L Series owners share music, videos and data between their smartphone or Android tablet and TV.

Sharp’s Aquos L Series will arrive in Japan in mid July and will be priced from 220,000 Yen (€1930).

In April market researcher DisplaySearch predicted that Smart TV shipments will exceed 123 million units by 2014.