Sega installs games in public lavatories


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Japanese game company Sega is injecting a little levity into going to the lavatory. The Tokyo-based firm is testing game consoles that it has called "Toylets" at public urinals in four locations in Tokyo, encouraging men to take part in a series of contests by varying the strength and direction of their urine.



Each of the urinals is fitted with a pressure sensor, a company spokesman told Relaxnews, and a screen is mounted on the wall above the unit.

Players can choose from four games, at present, which are interspersed with advertisements for products and services. Sega clearly hopes that users of the toilets will pay more attention to the adverts if they can also play games while using the facilities.

The most simple game is titled "Manneken Pis" and simply measures how hard the player can urinate. Slightly more challenging is "Graffiti Eraser," in which the player is required to remove a picture by pointing a hose at the offending image.

The curiously named "The Northern Wind, the Sun and Me" is designed to arouse a player's interest in the opposite sex. The aim is to blow a girl's skirt up and reveal her underwear - the harder the player urinating, the harder the wind blows.

The final stage - with the equally odd title of "Battle! Milk From Nose!" - pits the present user of the urinal against his predecessor. The power of each player's urine stream is compared and depicted on the screen as milk spraying out of the contestants' noses. The player with the strongest nose milk knocks his opponent out of the ring.

For players keen to brag about their performance at the urinal, the results can be downloaded onto a memory stick.

The first four sets of Toylets were installed at the beginning January and will be available until January 31.

Watch a demo: