Sega reveals Tokyo Game Show line-up: 'Vanquish,' 'Sonic Colors,' 'Yakuza'

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Japanese video game giant Sega has raised the curtain on its scheduled line-up for the Tokyo Game Show, including a handful of potential blockbusters with Vanquish's fast-paced shooting, Sonic the Hedgehog's return on Wii and DS, and more on Yakuza: Black Panther just days before its Japanese release.

The Tokyo Game Show runs September 16-19, opening to the public on the last two days of the event. With June's Electronic Entertainment Expo and August's Gamescom both over, TGS is the last big trade event for many companies looking to grab a slice of the traditionally lucrative end-of-year period.

Vanquish, due in October for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is the latest and perhaps most commercially ambitious project from the creator of the Resident Evil games; November's Sonic Colors on DS and Wii is a chance to revitalize the fortunes of Sega's company mascot; Yakuza is best understood as the Japanese equivalent of the Grand Theft Auto series both in terms of genre and success.

Other PSP titles to be put on parade are Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, an expanded version of an existing role-playing game; Shining Hearts, part of the same classic series as the 1992 Shining Force on Sega Genesis; and the excitingly titled K-on! After School Live!!, a music rhythm game - imagine Guitar Hero or Rock Band crossed with a cartoon about Japanese high school students.

The Xbox 360 also gets Virtual-On Force, a home version of a popular arcade game, which is sure to boost Japanese interest in Microsoft's console.