Shocking video shows a victim of domestic violence through the eyes of Google Glass

Video shows the upbeat activities of a woman before events take a dark turn

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A disturbing video has demonstrated how a day in the life of a victim of domestic violence might play out, using Google Glass to show a seemingly pleasant morning quickly take a violent turn.

The video, produced by London’s Banjo Eye Films, follows a woman as she wakes up and sets about her day through the eyes of her Google Glass.

Upbeat music accompanies scenes showing her waking up, going to a bookshop, meeting a friend for coffee and walking back to her home.

Once inside the house, the music is switched off and the woman is confronted with her angry husband who proceeds to beat her in graphic scenes before dragging her out of the view by her hair.

The dramatisation culminates with the tagline: "Despite all our progress, women see this every day. Think about it."

The video was produced to coincide with International Women's Day to raise awareness of women who experience domestic abuse.

It has garnered over 1.5 million views since it was posted less than a month ago along with the hashtag #throughglass.

Its creators said: "Woman's Day #throughglass" is a project whose only purpose is to make people think, on this special day, about the condition of women in our society.

"Google is not involved. We've just used the language of Glass to deliver our message."