Smuggling becomes snuggling for App Store game

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Smuggle Truck involves sneaking illegal immigrants across the border while Snuggle Truck is all about rescuing abandoned animals from a hostile wilderness. Only one of them has made it onto the App Store.

Released on April 28, Snuggle Truck remains largely the same as Smuggle Truck, but in order to get Smuggle Truck into the hands of iPhone and iPad owners, Owlchemy Labs had to make a couple of cosmetic tweaks.

" Snuggle Truck still contains every bit of gameplay found in Smuggle Truck," said Owlchemy Labs' Alex Schwartz. "The only difference in Snuggle Truck is you're bringing animals from the wilderness to the comfort of a zoo, where they'll be provided plenty of food, water and free state-of-the-art health care."

The Mac and PC versions retains their trafficking roots, where would-be drivers can swap between "Smuggle" and "Snuggle" modes.

Fellow iOS offering Unpleasant Horse also fell at the first hurdle upon submission to the App Store, but has now been successfully released for Apple's portable platforms.

The iTunes link for SnuggleTruck is