Sony hits 7 million sales for the PS4 - continues to out-sell Microsoft's Xbox One by a third

The company also announced more details of the next software update for the console, including a new video editing tool called ShareFactory

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Sony is maintaining a sizeable lead over Microsoft in global console, with the PS4 recently breaking the seven million mark.

This means that Sony’s console is still outselling the rival Xbox One by more than a third, although Microsoft did announce last month that their console was selling more quickly than the original Xbox and Xbox 360 had in previous years.

Microsoft last announced solid sales figures of 3.9 million in January but along with the March release of Titanfall this is set to be well into 4 million.

Along with their 7 million unit sales, Sony also announced that they had cleared more than 20.5 million copies of software. Neither are particularly significant numbers, but they reinforce how well-received the PS4 is worldwide.

For console owners though the more exciting news was the release of a new video editing tool for the PS4 called ShareFactory. Set to be released with a firmware patch next week this app will users more easily edit their recorded footage, adding transitions, commentary, and custom soundtracks.

The 1.70 update to the PS4 will also let users auto pre-download games they’ve pre-ordered; a common feature for PC titles that lets users get a headstart on their downloads (and avoid server crashes on launch day).

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