Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be headlining this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) - the biggest annual event in Apple's calendar. "You won't be disappointed," assures Jobs.

More than 5,000 developers and Mac enthusiasts all over the world are hoping Job's prediction will come true as they get ready for the five-day conference that runs from June 7 to 11 at Moscone West in San Francisco, CA, USA.

2010 has been a roller-coaster of a year for Apple. Within the first few months of 2010 the company introduced mainstream consumers to tablet computers with the release of the "revolutionary" and "magical" iPad.

The company that is notorious for keeping its unreleased products closely guarded behind a lock and chain (and has even gone as far as to fire employees for sharing information with outsiders) also had its first major leak in 2010 when technology blog Gizmodo got its hands on a next generation iPhone prototype - the phone most people believe Apple will unveil at this year's WWDC.

Apple has had more than its fair share of headlines this year, but people are still hoping the WWDC will be home to some unexpected announcements that will rock the technology world.

Google announced the birth of its connected TV experience, Google TV, during its I/O developer event on May 20. Industry insiders are wondering if Apple will respond with an announcement about its rival product, Apple TV, and possibly change the service from a "hobby" to a mainstream competitor.

According to Mac-centric blog MacRumours, Bryan Webster, one of the websites' readers, emailed Jobs to say "I hope you have some good WWDC announcements to blow [Google] out of the water". Jobs replied with an email that read "You won't be disappointed."

The WWDC brings together software and hardware developers to present the latest Apple technologies. Attendees at this year's already sold-out WWDC will be given the unique opportunity to work side-by-side with Apple engineers to gain insight into development techniques and get expert advice on interface design.

Apple is expected to announce the launch of its fourth generation iPhone (tentatively dubbed the iPhone HD) at the WWDC as well as provide further details about the iPhone OS 4.0 software update for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.