A look at this week's top-rated websites from StumbleUpon, recorded on February 25.

This week's selection includes a photo of a kitten edited to make it look like Pokémon character Pikachu, an animated GIF of a baby using a pillow to help it climb over a baby gate, a post arguing that it's absurd for Star Trek ships to always encounter each other without one being upside down (website is currently showing a 404 error), photos of abandoned and ruined buildings in Detroit, a TED video of Jake Shimabukuro playing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" on a ukulele, and an article about the 15 different styles of distorted thinking.

1. Poke-m-my-god-what-is-that

2. Future Genius - Baby Devises Ingenious Plan to Climb Over Baby Gate

3. Space and the Y Axis | Clever Things to Say

4. Captured: The Ruins of Detroit

5. Jake Shimabukuro plays Bohemian Rhapsody

6. EWU | 15 Styles of Distorted Thinking
Added because third place result is currently returning a 404 error.