A Taiwanese company said Tuesday it had filed a complaint against Apple urging the US to prevent the electronics giant from selling touchscreen products such as the iPhone, iPod and the new iPad.

Touchpad technologies company Elan Microelectronics Corps' complaint to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) came ahead of Apple's launch of the iPad, a much-anticipated touchscreen tablet computer, scheduled for Saturday.

The design company claimed Apple is infringing on patents regarding touch-sensitive input devices with the ability to detect the simultaneous presence of two or more fingers.

"We have taken the step of filing the ITC complaint as a continuation of our efforts to enforce our patent rights against Apple's ongoing infringement," Elan said in a statement.

"A proceeding in the ITC offers a quick and effective way for Elan to enforce its patent."

The patents are violated in the iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook and Magic Mouse products as well as the new iPad, Elan said.

Elan demanded that the ITC bar Apple from importing the products into the United States, which are manufactured overseas, and prevent it from selling any of the products in the United States that it has already imported.

The ITC will decide whether it will institute an investigation within 30 days, it said.