New owners of Sony's latest version of its handheld games console, the PSP, will soon be entitled to ten free games as part of a promotion the company plans to run.

In an interview snippet released by UK trade magazine MCV, Sony Computer Entertainment UK Sales Director Mark Howsen is quoted as promising a ten free games offer for anyone registering their new PSPgo after April 1, 2010.

Games for the PSPgo are downloaded directly from Sony's online PlayStation Network Store, and as such the gadget does not use discs or cartridges. It can also play films, music, and be used to surf the internet.

Though specifics of the deal are not yet known, it includes titles such as Gran Turismo (€34.99), LittleBigPlanet (€36.99), 2010 FIFA World Cup (€39.99) and at least one of the Grand Theft Auto games (€17.99/€34.99).

The deal is set to launch in June, which indicates that it could become part of a marketing push during Sony's press conferences at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which runs June 15-17 in Las Vegas.

Alternatively, it could be used to encourage purchases of the PSPgo if Sony confirms plans to issue a replacement handheld, a 'PSP2.'

Also expected at E3 is a big announcement from Nintendo regarding its own contribution to handheld gaming, a successor to the Nintendo DS provisionally entitled the '3DS' due to the anticipated integration of at least one 3D display.

Microsoft also has exciting news regarding its motion-tracking control system, codenamed 'Project Natal', whose rumored price point of $150 is not too much more than Nintendo's Wii Fit accessory, and would undercut the price of multiple PlayStation Move motion controllers.