Tesco launches Hudl 2, another super cheap tablet

The first Hudl was a hit, but will Tesco’s new tablet provide an antidote to the company recent woes?

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Tesco has unveiled Hudl 2, the follow-up to last year’s hit tablet and a potential distraction from the crisis enveloping the supermarket giant.

Hudl 2, which goes on sale at £129 from October 9, appears to be big step up from its modest predecessor, with vastly improved hardware and software.

It has an Intel quad-core processor which Tesco claims is three times faster than Hudl 1; it has an 8.3-inch full HD screen with 273 pixel density; it has 2GB of Ram and 16GB storage.

Parental filters is a new feature, with owners able to set up to seven profiles with varying filters depending on age.

“It’s a step change in technology,” the company said.

The first Hudl was a surprise hit last year, selling more than 750,000 units largely on the back of its affordability and functionality without flash. It cost £119 upon its release, but that reduced to £99.

As with Hudl 1, the latest Tesco tablet can be bought even cheaper (£65) by regular Tesco shopper using their Club Card.

Hudl sales clear 300,000

Tesco, which started as just a grocery store in 1919, now does everything from clothes to mobile phones to insurance to banking, and technology like Hudl and the video streaming services it is readying to offload.

The company is in a negative spiral, with shares dropping 45% this year after it admitted it had overstated its profits by £250 million. Famed US investor Warren Buffett, who has shares in Tesco, said it was a “huge mistake” to invest.

Tesco is also being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority regulator over that gross overestimation, and the company itself has ordered a review by financial services firm Deloitte.

Perhaps the Hudl 2 can lift the cloud under which Tesco is firmly entrenched.