The most popular Diggs: Christmas for different age groups, unknown facts about 'Firefly'

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The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on December 28.

1. How different age groups celebrate Christmas - The Oatmeal - a cartoon about how the joys and pains of celebrating Christmas can change depending on your age and family situation.

2. Why Religious People Are Scared of Atheists - an article that suggests "that atheists are regularly criticized - vilified, even - simply for existing."

3. Trolling the Girlfriend - a series of photos of a Christmas present being opened. Inside the gift box is a jewelry box, inside the jewelry box is a note that says "Under the Lid" and under the lid is a gift card for discount retail store Best Buy.  

4. Steve Wozniak to the FCC: Keep the Internet Free - a letter from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak appealing to America's FCC to make sure internet traffic is not regulated according to content and bandwidth consumption.

5. 8 Things You May Not Have Known About Firefly - eight facts about the American science-fiction TV series Firefly that most people don't know.