When it comes to browsing the web via mobile phones, social networks are topping the list of most popular destinations.

According to an October 7 report on mobile usage by market researcher comScore, Facebook, Twitter and Mixi (a Japanese social network) were among the most popular mobile social media brands in the US, Japan and Europe.

"Across markets, local and global brands showed varying levels of adoption by mobile audiences," said comScore.

"In all three markets, the top mobile social media brand mirrored the top PC-based social networking brand with Facebook leading in the U.S. and Europe and Mixi leading in Japan."

Twitter also ranked highly and was the only brand to make it into the top four places in all markets.

The top mobile social media brands by audience in June 2010 according to comScore:

1. Mixi
2. Gree
3. Twitter        
4. Mobage Town

United States
1. Facebook
2. MySpace
3. YouTube
4. Twitter

1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. MSN / Windows Live / Bing
4. Twitter