I'll ring you: 'Nobody's phone rings any more – the best ones play the Two Ronnies theme tune,' says Matt Chorley / Getty Images

This list was Tom Peck's idea, after someone said they had someone else 'on speed dial'. Arieh Kovler pointed out that he uses speed dial on a mobile, but that 'dial' itself is an obsolete term

1. Stay tuned

On Tom Peck's wavelength.

2. Carbon copy

Nominated by Andrew Old. Or we could have had blueprint, from Cameron Smith.

3. Rewind

Muniba Kamal goes back.

4. 'Paging John Rentoul'

Message from David Mills, who is too young to know.

5. A broken record

Scratched by Graham Sutton.

6. Upper and lower case

"Such defunct print cases are now found only in junk shops, or in very tidy homes as receptacles for Polly Pockets and other treasured items," says Chris Sladen.

7. I'll ring you

"Nobody's phone rings any more – the best ones play the Two Ronnies theme tune," says Matt Chorley.

8. Slideshow

Once with a carousel of transparencies. From Chris Jones.

9. Cut and paste

Rearranged by Graham Sutton.

10. Hangs up

Another phone-related one, brought to an end by Peter Mannion MP.

Next week: Big speeches that flopped (such as IDS's 'quiet man … turning up the volume')

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