The ultimate iPad Chair and other weird accessories you definitely need for your tablet

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Can't quite get into that "optimum ergonomic position" while you are grasping your beloved tablet? Now there's an accessory for that ... and pretty much any other weird thing you want to do with your iPad.

Elite Home Theater Seating, a company specialized in handcrafted home theater furniture, has created what it believes is the ultimate iPad accessory - a luxury chair that will make you feel like you are the captain of your own Starship Enterprise. The hands-free iPad chair was announced on August 11.

To get that truly futuristic experience all iPad users are lusting after (or just to impress your friends), the manufacturers suggest using compatible iPad applications such as the Crestron Mobile Pro G to select and remotely play movies on your home theater, control the volume, adjust the lighting levels in the room, and regulate the ambient temperature - all while keeping an eye on your "personal fortress" via live security camera feeds beamed straight onto your iPad screen.

Pricing for Elite Home Theater Seating's luxury iPad chair starts from around $2495. A Premium Package with adjustable headrest, Tactile Motion Transducers, high-power Crownson Amplifier, Luxa H4 iPad Holder, and motorized recline will set you back around $5995 per chair.

If impressing your friends with your weird and wonderful iPad accessories is something that puts a smile on your face, here are some additionally weird and extravagant products for you to investigate:

Resound's PC Set Stand
A stand that grips onto your device so you can use it while lying down in bed.
Price: ¥ 15,540 ($180, €140) (in Japanese)

The finger stylus
Have your fingertips almost worn out from using your iPad too much? Not to worry, this Etsy designer will have you back in poking mode in no time with this extra helping hand...err...finger.
Price: $6

Stiletto Shoe iPad Stand
Finally a pair of high heel shoes that is actually practical.
Price: $19.99

Natural iPad docking station
A handmade cedar wood docking station for tech freaks that want to get back to nature.
Price: $138

iPad Case / Sleeve - Strawberry Toaster Pastry
Feeling hungry? Curb your craving with this sickly sweet Strawberry Toaster Pastry sleeve.
Price: $36.50

iPad sleeve - Penguin in designer felt
Wrap your iPad up in this slightly-scary but cute looking penguin sleeve.
Price: $62

Looking for more weird and wonderful iPad accessories? Electronic House magazine has put together their selection of top 10 weird iPad accessories here: