Apple's brand new operating system Mac OS X 10.7 is a hot commodity in the technology blogs as users and journalists, fresh from downloading the software from the Mac App Store, share their opinions about Apple’s roaring Lion.

iOS-inspired Multi-Touch gestures, full screen apps, Mission Control, Launchpad, autosave and a brand new Mail application are just a few of the most lauded features in the eighth major release of the Mac OS X platform.

Reviews ranged from one-line tweets from early adopters to in-depth, book-length reports covering every facet of the OS.

"Apple's Lion Brings PCs Into Tablet Era," said Walter S. Mossberg writing for AllThingsD. His enthusiastic tone was echoed throughout the blogosphere with only minor complaints getting any airtime.

Microbloggers praised Lion’s low price, "One perk about Lion, you buy it once, you can put it on all your machines (as long as you use the same App Store login)," and posted their initial

"Just upgraded to OSX Lion - pretty slick, Apple. Full screen apps and Mission Control are sweet... and system resume on restart, yes please," " #lion is pretty much the best thing ever. can't wait for #iOS5. gonna be even sweeter," "#Lion OSX is completely customizable, talk about a #wet dream," and "Definitely gonna take some getting used to new OSX Lion, but it seems pretty awesome so far," said microbloggers.

"Lion Is Smooth, But Tries Too Hard to Be iOS," exclaimed Wired’s Brian Chen in one of the more negative reviews on the web. "My head started hurting after the first hour of using Mac OS X Lion," he added, due to Lion’s inverted iPad-inspired scrolling.  

Daring Fireball’s John Grubber insisted that users give inverted scrolling more time to sink in and tweeted, "My number one Lion tip: No matter how wrong it feels, stick with the new trackpad scrolling direction. Give it a week."

"Snags are to be expected during an operating system transition," commented USA Today’s Edward Baig. "But when all is said and done, I recommend that most of the Mac faithful feed their computer to the Lions."

Mac OS X Lion is priced at $29.99 and and is available as a digital download from Apple's Mac App Store. A physical edition of the OS will be available on a USB stick from August for a much more expensive $69.