The weirdest searches on Google: "accidental workplace nudity," "cat in my pants"

Ever wondered which type of alcohol can kill you or why your female friend hates you? You're not alone. People around the world are turning to their favorite search engines to find the answers to the strange (and often embarrassing) questions they are too shy to ask their friends.

In a February 17 blog post, search engine marketing firm Nina Hale, Inc. unveiled a list of some of the weirdest and funniest phrases that people have searched for over the last few months.

The list includes questions about dating, searches for advice about what to do when you end up with a cat in your pants and queries about where to purchase the furniture seen in the sci-fi movie Tron: Legacy.

Nina Hale's list of weird search terms for April 2010 - January 2011:

accidental workplace nudity
which alcohol can kill you
why does corn come out whole
a bunch of crap
a fake story about a shopping mall
why does she hate me
cat in my pants
how to wear a wool packer hat
where did they get the furniture from Tron Legacy
fruit privacy filter

Last year's weirdest searches included phrases such as "do tuna cook while they swim," "is turkey poop brown," "did duck hunting change the world" and "gloves that people can shoot out web."

An additional list of odd searches that didn't quite make the top ten includes the search terms:

waxing tin pants
accidental adult
solar system plagued again by thieves
bar lost eyes attack

For more oddball searches (such as "do men have periods," "does sperm whiten teeth" and
"do fat people fart more") head to