The world’s smallest sound driver found in tiny earphones (at an affordable price)

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With today's all-in-one portable gadgets consumers are looking for earphones that are just as portable.

Multimedia brand Radiopaq has developed a new range of miniature headphones called "Dots". The colorful earpieces come with "unrivalled, superior audio performance and quality for price," said the company on July 5, making them perfect for young listeners - or those predisposed to losing their earphones.

The earphones pack in the world's smallest sound driver (around 50 percent smaller than those found on traditional earphones) and come with noise isolation, tangle-resistant cables, a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo jack plug, and silicone ear-cushions for a comfortable fit.

High end audio manufacturer Klipsch and Japan's Audio Technica have designed some of the smallest and lightest in-ear headphones in the business however both models - the Klipsch IMAGE and the Audio Technica ATH-CK100 - come with price tags between $300 and $500. has put together a selection of in-ear headphones that combine great sound with a small and convenient package. The guide can be found here:

Dots are available in black, white, blue, pink, purple, green and red from for £14.99 (€18, $23).