Third 'L.A. Noire' trailer talks fixed fights, police corruption

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Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for May 17 detective thriller L.A. Noire, fleshing out a world in which gangland interests and bent cops conspire to snuff out a vital investigation.

Mirroring real life events from the 1940s, police investigator Cole Phelps is sent in to shine a light on the city's sordid underbelly - big money bets surrounding mobster-controlled boxing matches, dangerous drugs, and gangster bosses as wily as they are dangerous.

L.A. Noire launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during a busy week in the retail schedule.

Role-playing adventure The Witcher 2 and Fable III make their debut on PC, while ambitious multiplayer shooter Brink targets 360, PS3 and PC.

Though Noire is Team Bondi's first-time outing, Rockstar itself is certainly no stranger to the business.

Well known for the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar made a success of Red Dead Redemption in 2010's identical May slot, fending off competition from Alan Wake, Split Second, and Blur, following up with a steady stream of extra content, and gathering a good number of awards and accolades by the year's end.

Watch L.A. Noire's third trailer at or on the official webiste,