Final Fantasy XIII is the game for which tips and advice are most sought after on videogame guide website GameFAQs on Wednesday, March 31; the Pokémon franchise turns in a strong performance; and Modern Warfare 2 regains momentum in connection with new game content.

Final Fantasy XIII takes an estimated 50 hours to complete according to its director Motomu Toriyama, so despite its simplified combat mechanics and relatively linear design in comparison to previous games in the series, expect it to continue to feature in these charts for some time to come.

Pokémon HeartGold, SoulSilver, and Platinum are all modern updates of previous games in the series, incorporating many innovations that were devised by Nintendo in the nine years since Gold and Silver.

Their appearance on the Nintendo DS makes them accessible to a new audience that may not have played the predecessors on the Game Boy.

Pokémon Platinum's heritage is more recent, stemming back to the 2006/07 DS games Silver and Pearl, but it still manages to cram in enough new features to justify its status as new game rather than a re-issue - though some parents may feel differently.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 climbed three places under the influence of the Xbox 360 downloadable content pack that went on sale on Tuesday, March 30.

Its price of 1200 Microsoft Points ($15 / €14) was felt by many to be rather high for what it is - three new multiplayer maps and two older ones from the first Modern Warfare - but the game's publishers Activision have developed a reputation for hard-nosed business decisions and stand to gain a sizable amount of revenue from the package.

01) Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
02) Pokémon HeartGold (DS)
03) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (360)
04) Final Fantasy XIII (360)
05) Pokémon SoulSilver (DS)
06) God of War III (PS3)
07) Dragon Age: Origins (PC)
08) Pokémon Platinum (DS)
09) Just Cause 2 (360)
10) Mass Effect 2 (360)

Source: The GameFAQs Top 100