Top 10 video game guides: 'Red Dead Redemption' soaks in fan affection

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The Wild West-themed Red Dead Redemption seems to be living up to the hype as reviews roll in, and on GameFAQs consumer interest is reflected as the title becomes the most popular with regard to questions, guides, and gameplay tips for the Xbox 360 version while the PlayStation 3 game is not far behind.

Finding itself up six places since last week, RDR has a high average score of 95% on both the 360 and PS3. As more details have been drip-fed in the run-up to the epic's release, so conversation and speculation have also increased regarding the capabilities of each player's character, the horse-riding, hunting, the storyline options, and multiplayer integration.

3D Dot Game Heroes, despite being a budget release leaning heavily on a nostalgia for simpler times in video gaming history, and finding itself with limited retail options in some territories due to its percieved niche appeal, was nevertheless the subject of considerable activity on GameFAQs and was one of four new entries, three of which placed higher than the ever-present Modern Warfare 2.

3D Dot allows players to craft a character in the image of their own choosing, and so site members have been uploading their own designs based on other well known cartoon or video game heroes, as well as trading tips, tactics, and insights into some of the more obscure references hidden in the digital land of Dotnia.

Conversely, the long-awaited and well-publicized Alan Wake debuts slightly lower than expected. With a five-year development cycle, an accompanying six-episode web series called "Bright Falls," and plenty of fan enthusiasm to back it up, the game has been out in Europe since the previous Thursday.

However, the North American release was not timetabled until Tuesday, May 18 which goes some way to explaining its lowly positioning in the GameFAQs top 10, meaning that many site users are only now getting into the thriller's storyline.

Top video game guides on GameFAQs on Wednesday, May 19:

01) Red Dead Redemption (360): +6
02) Final Fantasy XIII (PS3): -1
03) Monster Hunter Tri (Wii): -1
04) Red Dead Redemption (PS3): new entry
05) Pokemon HeartGold (DS): -2
06) Pokemon Black (DS): new entry
07) 3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3): new entry
08) COD: Modern Warfare 2 (360): -4
09) Alan Wake (360): new entry
10) Pokemon SoulSilver (DS): -4

Positive and negative numbers indicate a change in chart position since the previous week.
Source: The GameFAQs Top 100