Top 10 YouTube gaming videos of the week: Fan-made laser cat generates buzz

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A fan-made level for Team Fortress 2 was concieved as a joke on players looking to artificially boost their game-related scores, unleashing a event known as "Kittengeddon" on unsuspecting players and becoming YouTube's most viewed gaming video of the week on Thursday, July 1.

While players scurry around the small open map, a giant cat emerges from the ground, slaying gamers with lasers and beams shot from its eyes, mouth, and paws, summoning a swarm of bees, and occasionally crashing the host server.

Video game news sites Kotaku and PC Gamer picked up on the excitement surrounding the new level, helping the level creator's upload reach nearly half a million views in the week since June 23.

Other popular videos include an interactive YouTube game where viewers kick footballs, bowling balls, cheeseburgers and more at World Cup goalkeepers, a peek into a Mario-themed hell, and a comparison of the Xbox 360's old and new versions.

1) The Grind - 443,851 total views
2) League of Legends: Kog'Maw Champion spotlight - 283,125 total views
3) World Cup Action: Interactive game! - 293,330 total views
4) Koopa's Hell - 310,496 total views
5) Frag Cup 2 application tutorial - 192,394 total views
6) Bleep bloop: Star Wars force trainer - 180,426 total views
7) Modern Warfare 2: Bananatearing it up by Tejb - 194,406 total views
8) Xbox 360 Slim comparison: New vs Old - 160,663 total views
9) Team America v Team Europe this Sunday! (Starcraft II) - 180,044 total views
10) GLHF Invitational: TheLittleOne v Strelok (Starcraft II) - 168,512 total views