Top 10 YouTube gaming videos of the week: Gaming in real life?

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For the week ending Wednesday, August 11, video game aficionado and video maker Freddie Wong reigns over gaming-related clips on YouTube with a light-hearted clip on cheating in video games, and at the other end of the top ten, a South Korean advert focuses on kindergarten kids and their dream careers.

Fable III's introductory cutscene hits the net in advance of the October retail release. In the trailer, the story of the industrial revolution is told through the eyes of a hen and accompanied by narration from Zoë Wanamaker of Harry Potter fame.

There's a walkthrough of Super Luigi Galaxy, an extension to the 2007 Wii title Super Mario Galaxy that unlocks when all 120 stars are collected in the main game.

Poptropica, an online game for youngsters, reveals a new gameplay area available a month early to registered members.

Elsewhere, there are the usual replays and recaps for StarCraft II versus match-ups, World of Warcraft tweaks, and a wishlist of improvements for the next Call of Duty game.

1) Aimbot (Freddie Wong) - 1,910,682 total views
2) Fable III Opening Cinematic - 399,368 total views
3) Super Luigi Galaxy Episode 1 - 370,195 total views
4) IdrA vs Silver - Game 1 ( StarCraft II) - 306,655 total views
5) Mini Deathwing ( World of Warcraft) - 246,473 total views
6) Huk vs Silver - Game 1 ( StarCraft II) - 303,139 total views
7) Poptropica - Steamworks Island - 235,505 total views
8) Cataclysm Beta - New Models ( World of Warcraft) - 220,522 total views
9) Black Ops Sniping - My Thoughts/Wishlist - 205,636 total views
10) Korean Air OnGamenet ( StarCraft) - 211,675 total views