Longstanding comedy web series Red vs Blue takes the hard-nut space soldiers of the Halo games and gives them a voice - sarcastic, juvenile, gung-ho, or cowardly as it may be. The latest Red vs Blue episode was made as a tribute to Halo creators Bungie and became the most viewed gaming video on YouTube for the week ending Tuesday, July 13.

The video was released in celebration of Bungie's own 'Bungie Day,' July 7. This year, the Red vs Blue tribute episode takes place in a the prototypical Halo level, Blood Gulch, in lead up to Reach's release on September 14.

The video highlights some changes made for the area's inclusion in Halo: Reach, along with new abilities such as augmented armor, assassination moves, decoy holograms, a missile-launching transport, and a tease of Blood Gulch's extended play area.

The StarCraft strategy games feature in four of the week's most-watched videos as interest increases prior to the release of StarCraft II on July 27.

The APM (actions per minute) demonstration shows how lightning-fast keyboard control is central to the success of Korean champion gamers in StarCraft and Warcraft III (the predecessor to World of Warcraft).

The Cool vs MakaPrime and IdrA vs Sen videos both offer replays of match-ups between top StarCraft II players, and both come with English-language commentary for those that want some sort of guide as to the on-screen action.

Elsewhere, the now retracted plans to replace anonymous ID with real first and surnames on the World of Warcraft and StarCraft II forums are given a royal ribbing in 'Blizzard Real ID Troll.'

The young nightclubber featuring in the TV interview is known as Dimitri, already famous in Russia and Spain, and the Real ID controversy has ensured his notoriety among the WoW and StarCraft communities.

The original video is nearly two years old and contains a victorious reappearance from Dimitri at the end of the clip. YouTube user 4gfdy uploaded one of the most viewed copies under the title ????? ?????? ?????? (?????? ??????!!!) (Very bad music - full version).

1) Red vs Blue: Halo 'Deja View' - 405,850 total views

2) Korean Gamers: APM Demonstration - 359,572 total views

3) Modern Warfare 2: EZ Mode Nukes - 355,991 total views

4) Blizzard Real ID Troll - 320,761 total views

5) Ten Hits in Ten Seconds - The Whirlwind Batting Technique - 316,595 total views

6) Lindsay Lohan in Court (Interactive) - START HERE - 269,252 total views

7) Cool vs MakaPrime - Game 1 Part 1 - HD StarCraft - 223,366 total views

8) HD Starcraft 2 IdrA v Sen p1/3 - 306,059 total views

9) TRAILER - Game Glitches - Angry Video Game Nerd - 238,784 total views

10) Super Mario Bros. Leftovers - 329,752 total views