Top 10 YouTube gaming videos of the week: live-action tribute to 'Modern Warfare' game

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The top 10 gaming videos watched by YouTube users in the last week include a spoof parodying the opposing fortunes of video game characters and plenty of Modern Warfare 2 content, including one British TV presenter who challenges a real ex-forces sniper to a run of the game's timed markmanship level.

Top 10 YouTube gaming videos on Wednesday, April 14 at 12:00pm BST

1) Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing - 1,105,679 total views
With a total budget less than $210 (€285) and cast & crew numbering less than 20, the post-production company at Corridor Digital put together this seven-minute live-action tribute to the Modern Warfare games. A two-man team break into a military base to attempt a daring rescue, escaping amid gunfire through snowy woodland.

2) World's Fastest Nuke - An Epic 30 Seconds - 919,371 total views
Mild controversy surrounds the circumstances of this gaming video. During a multiplayer game of Modern Warfare 2, the uploader manages to amass 45 enemy kills within a minute and a half. Commenters question whether the feat was prearranged, questioning some of the opposing team's unusual tactics.

3) Duke Nukem Forever 2010 DNF MOVIE - 349,390 total views
A compilation of the most gameplay footage from the now discontinued, 12-years-in-development PC game Duke Nukem Forever (also known as 'Did Not Finish'). First announced in 1997, the game faced continual reworking as a result of higher standards being set by new video games and technology benchmarks.

4) Crysis 2 world premiere trailer live from Times Square - 324,228 total views
Crysis was a 2007 showcase game, designed to push even the very best PCs to their graphical limits for years to come. Crysis 2 is a multiplatform game being developed for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, here confirmed as due out towards the end of 2010.

5) PCP Station Review - 390,575 total views
Following on from a 2006 review of the PSP-aping 'POP Station' and the Nintendo DS-a-like 'Neo Double', British comedian Stuart Ashens reviews the dubiously named PCP Station. The machine references Sony's PSP, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo GameCube, Xbox 360, and early Super Mario games.

6) Alan Wake: Building the Thriller - 236,060 total views
The latest trailer for the upcoming Xbox 360 game Alan Wake, explaining the game's use of light and darkness, and its mix of action, puzzle, and references to Stephen King, Lost, and Twin Peaks.

7) Pokemon Black and White Update - 263,185 total views
A quick summary of news regarding the two new Pokemon games, expected for release in Japan on Nintendo DS (if not the new Nintendo handheld console) sometime in autumn 2010. As a guideline, the previous games HeartGold and SoulSilver were out in Japan in September 2009 and brought to North America and Europe during March 2010.

8) Ass Effect 2 - 214,600 total views
YouTube personality Ray William Johnson chats about Xbox 360 / PC game Mass Effect 2, a prank call he received from a fellow YouTuber, and the recenty released film Clash Of The Titans.

9) Duke Nukem Forever Gametrailer April 2010 - 276,100 total views
The same compilation of Duke Nukem Forever gameplay footage as seen in "Duke Nukem Forever 2010 DNF MOVIE" (this week's 3rd most viewed video game clip).

10) Machinima Respawn 4/6/10: Frag Cup Coverage (Round 2) - 208,987 total views
The Machinima channel have organized a 64-team, $7,000 tournament between some top Modern Warfare 2 teams, here summarizing and linking to the video coverage of that day's matches. Co-host Hutch sports a distinctive sideburn / moustache combination.